Guide to Biz cards printing

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Guide to Business cards printing in Dubai.

Will your business card get business for you?  Yes, if you follow these cool tips from communications expert Dr Bill Lampton. Check this video out.



Are you trying to create your own business cards?

Here is a guide to the three main technical aspects to consider when ordering your business cards from NGI - Sizes, specifications and bleed.This article will get you going if you are trying to get started on your business cards.

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Making professional looking business cards is actually pretty easy using software that you may already have on your hard disk.  The ideal ‘print ready artwork’ file for a print shop will have to be in Industry standard graphic software like Illustrator or Indesign.  However you can design your business cards from scratch in MS Word, MS PowerPoint, OpenOffice Writer or OpenOffice Impress.  You can even access to customizable templates for many of these applications. 

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The three technical points you need to be aware are the Specifiations, sizes and bleed.

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With respect to size, a common standard size business card here in ME region and asia is 90mm x 50mm. However you may want to add 5mm all around, so your working size file will be 100mm x 60mm. This extra 5mm is to take care of the “bleed” area aspect. 

A “bleed” is necessary to extend the graphics on you “cut size” of the business card by an additional 5mm in order to remove the chance of a white space border around the four sides of the card, so that when the card are printed and cut to size to 90mm x 50mm, it will have the graphics going right out to the edges and “bleeding” off it without having a white space at the edge.

Of course you do not want important details like your contact information, your logo or important sales messages extending into the bleed area as they may get cut off during the final cutting process.
Using a customized template helps you to start off straight away, replacing the default logo and text with your personalized data.  You can then tinker around it to have the look and feel that you desire. 

You can get biz card MS office templates by clicking here 

You can print your final business cards yourself. Alternatively you can submit your designs to your print bureau for professional printing and finishing.  Your print bureau may have to re-do the design in an llustrator/Indesign format, hence it will be a good idea to have a final  hard copy ‘proof’ submitted to you for final approval prior to the production run. 

Professional printers like NGI insist on this during the first print run on your business cards.  For best results, insist on paper that is 250gsm or thicker.  If you are operating on a really tiny budget, you can limit your costs to the ink and paper and you may have to compromise on the thickness, as most home/office laser printers can print upto 160gsm thickness.


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