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cd duplication dubaiNGI specializes in quick turnaround for CD/DVD replication and duplication needs of our clients. Be it Blank printed cds/DVDS, Short run DVD/CD duplication, packaging, mini-CDs, USB memory drives, we will be able to service you promptly and cost effectively.


There has never been a better time than now to have your audio book, music project, computer data, or CD-R business card duplicated.  Unlike the days gone by, these processes are cheaper than ever before - even for those on a budget.


Over the last several years, the costs of blank CDs have dropped quite a bit and are incredible affordable.  Even though there is always the option to simply burn a CD on your personal computer, CD duplication and processing takes a little more than just a simple copy.  The process of CD duplication takes the right equipment and expertise in order to get the design and look exactly right on every CD.  Understanding how this works and how to use it effectively can help you to get the right outcome for Cd duplication.   


The basic concept of CD duplication is to take the information, music or audio from a CD and to copy all of the files and data from the original, or mastered CD, and into a new CD.  When one does this for several disks, it creates not only the burning of a CD, but also duplication, which uses links to towers and that allows for more than one CD to be burned at one time.   


When there is the capability of burning hundreds or even thousands of CDs at one time, the duplication process takes specific steps in order to get it exactly right. cd replication dubai


The many uses of cd/DVD ROM  


You know that you can use CDs for anything, including a coaster or a great Frisbee.  However, CDs don't just have to be used in the music realm or for an extra accessory around the house.  If you want other creative uses for putting together a CD, you can look at some of these trends and options.   




·         Business Cards.  Whether you are a musician, entrepreneur or business owner, business cards are a great way to introduce yourself on CD.  Not only does it allow for you to have an outer presence and set of information that someone can just look at, but will also allow you to put together a presentation that individuals can use to get more information or to sign up with one of your products or services. 

·         Sales.  CDs are not only being used as business cards, but also as options for promoting sales of different types.  Several companies are now specializing in marketing for CDs with options such as CDs for trade shows, corporate gifts, special events, promotions, direct response and to advertise new products.  This combination of sales features that can be used with CDs is helping to take the forefront for a new way to present information to potential customers.   

·         Presentations.  From data to Powerpoint, presentations can be a great use for CDs and duplication.  If you just need one, you can count on it working in almost any type of technology.  However, if you want to get creative, you can set your notes and data on extra CDs through duplication so that others who are there have a keep sake of your knowledge and information.   

·         Imagery or Visualization.  While most of this will take place on a DVD format, you can also use CD formats to do certain types of imagery on a CD.  If you have a certain project, think of adding on images to enhance your presentation or to allow certain key points to be a part of the presentation.  This will allow those who know you to have an extra tool to look at outside of seeing you.   

·         Books on CD.  This is a growing and popular option for CDs.  Whether you want to listen to your favorite book in the car or are looking for a way to mass produce speaking options, CD duplication can help you to put together books that are heard and not read.   

·         Weddings, gatherings and thank yous.  Another popular option being used by newly weds, families and those who are putting together parties is as a keepsake.  Weddings are often times duplicated on CD to send as thank yous, as well as other options, such as parties or special occasions.  This is a simple keepsake that can be duplicated for everyone you mean to tell something to, but don't have the time for.   


cd copying dubaiThese are only a few of several options for CDs so that you can present what you want to in a different light.  If you don't have music, but want to present something a little differently, finding options with CD duplication and presentations is an easy way to let others know about something.  Not only does it allow you to create a presentation in a different format, but also allows you to put together a mixed media format for those who are interested in the details of what you have to say. 


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