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For all your digital printing needs including, Presentations, catalogs, manuals, business cards training material or even banners, posters,  roll ups, NGI provides you quick and efficient services at realisting turnaround times and at prices that will not break your bank.

Our prompt digital printing service is tailormade for your quick turnaround small quantity needs in full color or black and white.  Even the same day turnaround is possible, with good quality high resoltution printing at very affordable pricing.

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Variable Data printing

With our Variable Data printing services you can change the way you communicate with your audience.   Whatever you may refer it to as be it one-to-one marketing, database driven marketing, relationship marketing, loyalty and VIP marketing, it is a great strategy to create a focused and targeted message that is relevant to your prospect, everytime you interact with them. Various studies have proved that this kind of precise and targeted marketing helps in dramatically increasing the ROI on your marketing printing dubai

If you have a quality, updated list of your clients and prospects, the outcome of such a one-to-one effort will help you achieve your marketing and sales goals. This is where our variable data printing will help you print individualized unique content on each and every piece, as opposed to a static ‘one size fits all’ material. Our VDP expertise will allow you to change text, images, add individualized pie charts or even have ‘conditional’ paragraphs so as to have a highly customized piece of communication. This typically results in a higher customer response and hence a bigger return on investment.


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  Digital printing Dubai

How short run quick turnaround Digital printing is beneficial to SMEs     

Our color digitial print press is an ideal solution for start ups, and small and medium enterprises.  You can have professional looking color flyers, brochures, business cards and other marketing material, printing only as much as you need.  Once you are up and running, and after having tested your campaign, you can make minor tweaks and changes and then go for another short run, or go for a big run using conventional offset printing, knowing that your investment is already a proven success.  Again, using our variable data printing, you can offer customized solutions to your clients, something that is not possible with offset print runs, conventionally.

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Binding options and tips


Binding as the name suggest is the process of taking your stack of printed papers and producing an effective marketing tool by making a book(let) using one of several methods explained here below.


Booklet binding is done mainly in three ways; 


Punch and bind- This method involves punching out square or round holes in the prints and printing companies in dubaicovers and using rings or wires to string these together. Comb binding, spiral binding and Ring binding are all good examples of a ‘punch and bind’ process. Spiral and comb binding is good options for relatively smaller documents for training materials, catalogs etc. Ring binders are a good option where your material needs to be updated every now and then. ‘Punch and bind’ methods are ideal for short run small quantity books. 


Stitched binding- A good example of this is the popolar saddle stitch binding, where the pages are stapled at the centre on the fold crease while they are still flat, creating strong durable binds upon folding.  This is a cost effective solution for a good enough strong bind. However you have printing companies in dubailayout your design so that it uses page nos in multiples of 4. For eg a 20 page A4 booklet, can be designed using 5 A3 sheets, and creased, stitched and folded


Thermally activated- With this technique, pages are bound together using glue or resin and has sub types perfect binding, tape binding and thermal binding etc. 


NGI provides all kinds of finishing and binding, and based on your requirement will suggest the best match for your needs.


NGI helps keep your documents together using any one of the following options:-

  • Spiral Wire Binding  
  • Perfect Binding  
  • Thermal Binding  
  • Comb Binding  
  • Lamination/Encapsulation  

Besides this we can even provide you with Plastic Ring Binders with full color covers on the front, spine and jacket to personalize the binders. Moreover, we can do customized binders with hard cover sleeves for those very special requirements (for e.g. a high value tender that you need to win).

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