Green printing in Dubai

Is Digital printing Environmentally friendly?

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Digital printing is not just environmentally friendly, but it has also proven to be less expensive overall, for short run projects that were four color for sizes under 14 x 20 inches as reported in a “Printing Green” article by Dynamic Graphics.  Most ultra modern Digital presses like the Xerox DC8000 uses a lot of recycled energy and the inks used are non-toxic.  

Also, there is a significant reduction in paper consumption when you use a modern digital press like the DC8000.  The amount of paper consumption can be reduced by as much as 50 percent, since you do not ‘waste’ paper while setting up the press and doing trial runs or even during a final hard copy ‘color proofing’ process.   

Thus by cutting down drastically on the raw materials needed for the printing process, modern digital presses saves the customer money as there is much less product waste.  You can further reduce your carbon footprint by using modern recycled papers that go well with Digital printing.   

Every media has an impact on the environment, including email marketing that  contributes to 33 Billion Kilowatts hours of energy use every year.  Whereas Printing has a one-time carbon footprint, Electronic media generates an environment footprint each time an email is accessed on a smartphone or a PC is turned on.   

Do talk to NGI Digital Dubai, about using recycled papers with a modern Xerox DC8000 Digital press,  to reduce energy consumption and our carbon foot print.  Contact us here. 

To read more about  “Printing Green”  click here to read an article by Cassie Hart at Dynamic