7 reasons to go Digital ... 

digital pirnters uaeHere are seven reasons why Digital printing is fast becoming very very popular according to Margie Dana, of Dana Consulting.


1.     Print only as much as  you want,  even just one piece.

2.     Lead times are minuscule, so you can print a small batch of brochures,  for the trade exhibition next week. 

3.     You can print different versions of your flyer or brochure and test them prior to zeroing in on your best option and going for a big print run. 

4.     You can personalize each and every piece of that marketing material with ‘variable data printing’. 

5.     Each of your Sales executives can have his sales material personalized for his specific market or client. 

6.     You can update the information on your brochure and keep it current all the time regularly. 

7.     With digital printing you print the exact numbers that you need reducing or even eliminating waste. 


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Now, digital printing may not be the answer to all your printing needs, but it's  best for quick turnaround jobs for small runs.  Do talk to NGI Digital to find out how color digital printing may be the solution you are looking for.