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printing press in dubaiFlyers, Brochures, newsletters, booklets, catalogs, manuals, sales presentations, annual reports, business cards, business stationery, NGI your printing press in Dubai, will be able to good quality crisp color prints at realistic delivery timings and cost effective pricing. Our pre-press and Graphic design department will make sure that the pre-flight processes are carried out and approvals are in place in order to get the correct results.   If additional finishing procedures like UV coating, varnishing, saddle stiching or perfect book biding is required, be assured taht we will be able to turn around the job to your satisfaction.   Irrespective of 1000 or 100000 nos., we will be able to deliver your job on budget and on time. 

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Advantages of Offset printing

The process of printing where metal/synthetic plates are used to transfer images onto substrates like paper is called offset printing.  "Offset printing" process developed due to the need for a low cost production of huge quantites of prints for commercial purposes for eg. magazines, newspaper printing etc.  As these technologies evolved over time, a CTP or computer to plate technique is quite common in all modern presses today, as this does away with the use of films as an 'intermediate' process, quite common just a few years ago.

In the CMYK or four color process used, the final product with hundreds colors is achieved using a mix of the basic four colors of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.  PMS or pantone based colors are used, to ensure consistent color reproduction of color for eg. brand logo colors on business stationery.

Benefits of an Offset printing process

digital printing dubaiCost effective - The main benefit is cost effectiveness for big quantities of print runs.  Offset printing is hugely used for commercial quantities of prince, since once the set up costs are covered the prining costs are quite low for huge runs.  You will notice a dramatic change in unit costs for your print runs when you have quotes for multiple quantites. 

Consistent quality- One huge benefit with offset printing is that it delivers consitent print quality on the pieces from th all prints. Offset printing offers consistent quality on all the pieces from the first few to the one hundred thousandth or even the millionth piece.  The reason is simple, once the adjustments and color control procedures during the setup prints are finalised and settings locked in place, the exact same amount of ink in the right proportions is transferred on all prints ensuring very consistent prints till the very end.

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Why is offset printing still a favourite?

Typicaly all businesses, big and small require business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, letterhead etc.  For bigger quantities, even with all the advancement in the digital printing technology, there is no match for the quality and cost effectiveness of the offset print process for relatively bigger quantites.  Besides, you can print on a number of different media both textured and non-textured, which is not the case with digital printing which works best with non-textured and flat media.

So Offset or Digital? 

This really depends on the applications you need.  The quantity required will play a huge role in deciding this. Also turnaround time.  For certain jobs, it is possible to get the best options using a combination of both techniques.  NGI can consult with you and determine the best route to take to not only get the most cost effective solution, but more importantly to have a higher return on Investment. 


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Here is a quick look at an offset v/s digital debate 



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