Using the right fonts by  a uae printing press


What ‘type’ are your print designs?


emirates printing press uae

A legible print is more meaningful as it is the result of a thorough business print and need not look attractive. It is but natural to understand that your aim is to woo the maximum number of customers to know about your products and services. These ideas regarding print will come in handy to you to better the legibility of your prints as the resultant prints vary with situations.


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One must be trained in lettering. Clients consider it as a serious aspect when they sit down to read the contents of the prints taken. This refers to the line spacing of the content and the quality of your prints, so as to make certain nothing, ends up into an illegible chaos.  Typography is not an easy thing to understand, nevertheless, here are a few guidelines to know it better. 

Prepare an impressive outline. At times, aptly legible content appears flimsy as it is given a different dimension with heavy beautification and illustrations. This proves the fact, what kind of an impression the outline of your print bears on legibility. For instance, you have ample room to work on booklets and can do away with cramming with appropriate imagery and descriptions.

emirates printing press uae

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The testimonials should be verified. Before the final draft is sent for printing it must be proofread in order to ensure that the content that has been generated is legible. The proofreading can be done online so as to save time and sheets, a better idea would be to take a hard copy of the testimonial in order to see if the content of the print is legible enough to be comprehensible without undergoing any straining of eyes.  

Do you want to make the content of your poster legible? Are you preparing a catalog? Using the above guidelines make it more comprehensive. Legibility must be your priority whenever you are working on a task, else your painstaking endeavours will be futile. 


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